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Bengal cats, more than a cat


A Bengal cat is more than any other cat. Sometimes you think these cats have a similar character as dogs. They follow you everywhere and look after you when you are gone. It is also easy to learn Bengal cats walk on a lish. Some like it, some don't.
They are very curious about what you are doing and really want to know everything, so they wil inspect everything. Shopping bags, boxes, closets,..

Some of the Bengal cats also love to play with and in the water, something other cats will never do. They will even join you when you are taking a bath.

The Bengal cat is an active cat but it's not true that they are non stop running trough the house. They love to play but need some space and time for their own to rest. Once you had a Bengal cat, you never want to have another cat because they are so much more. A real friend. 

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