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La Belle Conchita Nalu of Dream Team (Loe-Loe)

We are very proud to have this lovely cat with us (thanks Marian). Nalu has a beautiful rosetted pattern on her full brown coat.

Her father is Alfacat Unicum, a gorgeous World Champion.

Her mother is Belle Conchita Zafiera, also a beautiful brown girl with stunning rosettes.

Nalu has recently been tested on FIV, FeLV, HCM, PKD, PRA and PK-Def. All tests can of course be consulted on request.

Nalu is a very sweet cat, also with children. She loves to cuddle, but only when it suits her, a real cat thus. When you are lying on the couch with a blanket on you, she is there in a second to crawl under the blanket, close to you. She’s got the looks and the character of a real top cat!

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